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Charles Ginnever's "CRETE" Sculpture
by Fleet Rand on December 6, 1998

Art form at Laumeier Sculpture Park by artist Charles Ginnever entitled "Crete". Made of Cor-Ten Steel plates and lent to the park by the artist in 1977.

There are 12 individual triangles measuring 82.5" by 156" by 82.5". A diagram to scale is given below. The height of each triangle with the 82.5 side as a base can be approximated from the scale diagram. We used 146" but someone may want to use another method to check this answer.

I wish to pose the challenge to you to determine the length of the SHADOWS made by the sculpture. Below are some warm up questions and answers.

1) Measure the sides of the triangles.

Ans.) a= 82.5 inches (6.875 feet), b = is 156 inches (13 feet), c = 203 inches (16.9167 feet).

2) How many triangles are there in total?

Ans.) 12

3) What is the name of the artist?

Ans.) Charles "Chuck" Ginnever

4) What is the sculpture made of!

Ans.) 12 Cor-Ten Steel Plates

5) Write an expression for the area of the figure.

Ans.) A = (1/2)bh so (82.5 inches / 2 x 146 inches)= 6022.5 square inches or, in feet (6.875 ft./2 x 12.1667 ft)= 41.8229 square feet

6) Write and expression for the perimeter of the figure.

Ans.) P = a + b + c P = (82.5 + 156 + 203) inches 441.5 inches

7 Write an expression for the total amount of area covered by ALL of the triangles combined.

Ans.) A = ((1/2) b x 12 ) h = ( 41.25 x 12 ) 146 = (495)146 square inches which equals 72,270 sq. in. or 502 sq. ft.

8) Write an expression for the perimeter of all of the triangles combined.

Ans.)P = 12(a + b + c) = 12(82.5 + 156 + 203) inches = 5298 inches or 441.5 feet.


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