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Steal Tent Sculpture

We decided to determine the degree of the various angles in the front two triangles on the sculpture you see in the picture.

We proceeded by measuring the right sides of the triangles to see how long they were. We came up with the larger triangle having a right side of 100 inches and the smaller triangle having a right side of 51 inches.

The second step we took was measuring the left side of the triangles. The larger triangle had a left side of 73 inches which was smaller than the right side. This caused the structure to tilt slightly to the left. The smaller triangle had a left side of 45 1/2 inches so this triangle also tilted slightly to the left.

To finish our measuring process, we measured the base of both the large, and smaller triangle. The larger triangle has a base of 69 1/2 inches and the small triangle has a base of 25.75 inches.

The last step of our process was graphing the triangles and measuring their angles with a protractor. To get the correct degree of the angles we made a scale to fit the graph and corresponded to the left size model.

Then we were able to get the degrees in the angles of both the triangle angles.

You may calculate the heights, a and b, of each triangle. Or in place of using a graphical method, use trigonometry to find the angles of each triangle!




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