But if s = -193 t² + 16 is no longer supported in theory by Newton's F = (G m M)/(r²) then may we look at present theory such as John A. Wheeler's application of "The Principle Of Maximal Aging" to the rise and fall of a tossed talking, winking, leering little round stone. Grounded may imply intentions to stay lower and age slower within gravity. Flight nearly fast as light is also a delight but my UNIT TOSS is bound to free fall a geodesic that gives maximal aging as demonstrated in this table.

The Unit Toss Of .576 Seconds Reaches New Heights
John A. Wheeler Alternate Histories Applied To The Unit Toss of Juggleometry .576 Seconds With Zero Inches Height .576 Seconds With Eight Inches Height .576 Seconds With Sixteen Inches Height .576 Seconds With Twenty Four Inches Height .576 Seconds With Thirty Two Inches Height
Highest Distance Above Earth's Surface 0.000 cm 20.32 cm 40.64 cm 60.96 cm 81.28 cm
Global Time Between Throw And Catch* 1.727 x 10^10 cm 1.727 x 10^10 cm 1.727 x 10^10 cm 1.727 x 10^10 cm 1.727 x 10^10 cm
Decrease in Aging At Earth's Surface Compared To Global Time* - 12 cm - 12 cm - 12 cm - 12 cm - 12 cm
Increase In Aging From Average Highter Elevation* 0.0 cm 2.553 x 10^-7 cm 5.106 x 10^-7 cm 7.659 x 10^-7 cm 10.212 x 10^-7 cm
Decrease in Aging From Velocity Of Toss Motion* -0.0 cm -0.638 x 10^-7 cm -2.553 x 10^-7 cm -5.744 x 10^-7 cm -10.212 x 10^-7 cm
Net Increase In Aging From Higher Distance Above Earth And Velocity Of Motion* 0.0 cm 1.915 x 10^-7 cm 2.553 x 10^-7 cm 1.915 x 10^-7 cm 0.0 x 10^-7 cm

* Centimeters Of Time, that is light travel time

The sixteen inch high toss has the maximal aging for a .576 second toss. The juggling ball grew a little older on this trip but only as old as it possibly could.

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"Out Juggling In My Class" by William V. Thayer

The Unit Toss Of .576 Seconds Reaches New Heights

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The Principle Of Maximal Aging

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The Unit Toss In Spacetime - Schwarzschild Geometry

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