Vernier's LabPro Hand Sensor

The objective of this laboratory was to measure a juggler's dwell time and vacant time for both hands while juggling three balls in a cascade pattern. We used Vernier's LabPro connected to a computer using Vernier's Logger Pro Software. The data table and graphs developed into the graph information you found (or may find) on the JUG:010 Rhythmic Juggling - Computer Based Laboratory Results page.

As suggested by C. Shannon, juggling bags were wraped in aluminum foil and wire is stitched to the palm of the gloves as shown in the setup picture above. So for a few dollars of telephone four wire cable, some other supplies and a little sewing and soldering time, one can have a little fun collecting data.

You may be interested in how your ratio, k, of dwell time to hand cycle (dwell plus vacant) time looks in light of P. J. Beek's findings as discussed on these pages.

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JUG:010 Rhythmic Juggling

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