Laumeier: Latitude 38.56, Longitude -90.42
The radius of the roller was: 4ft. 11.75in.     The length of the track was: 57ft. 7.5in
               The width of the track was: 9in.               The length from track to track was:8ft. 10.5 in.

The roller could make a complete turn, in fact, it could make 1.8 turns.
The roller was 18ft. from the right side of the track.


 If you wanted to make a small model, which is 20% of the original, what would your measurements be, and where would the roller be placed on the tracks?

Circumference: 75.084in.
Track length: 138.3in.
Track to track: 21.3in.
Track width: 1.8in.

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