What is your average walking speed in miles per hour?

You can figure out how many miles you walk per hour in one easy activity. It requires very little time and energy, in fact you don't even need to walk more than 100 feet to figure your individual mph.

We will also use a small ball in this activity that will be used to toss back and forth in your hands while you walk the short 100 feet. This is just to keep your mind occupied and allows you to walk at your natural pace as if you were walking in the hallway of your house and not focusing on how fast you are walking in the activity. It will allow for a more accuate account of your pace.

So now that you understand what you are to do while you walk the 100 feet, you will just need a stopwatch or a clock to time how long it takes to walk this distance. Make sure that 100 feet is carefully measured out with a tape measure in a straight line.

If you have all gathered all the materials listed above, you are now ready to do the activity. You can time yourself or have someone else time you. Make sure that the time is rounded out to the nearest 100th of a second. If the ball falls more than 2 times during the activity to get a more accurate measure of your walling rate.

Now that the activity is complete, we will use the data you have gathered to figure your out your walking pace in miles per hour.

Follow my example to solve your own individual rate, replacing my data with your own.

In my own activity, the results of my data from the activity was 19.028 seconds per 100 feet. To convert my rate into miles per hour, I used the following information: There are 5280 feet in one mile and 60 seconds in one minute and 60 minutes in one hour. With this information I then solved for mph using this formula: 19.028sec.over 100ft in ratio form to Xsec. over 5280ft. Solving for Xsec. then gives me 1004.69sec. per 5280ft which when we divide 1004.69sec. by 60sec. we get 16.74 min. Which means I walk one mile in 16.74 min. at my average walking pace.

Using this information I then solved for my rate in miles per hour by dividing 60min. or 1 hour by 16.74min. which rouded to the nearest tenth gives me a rate of 3.4 mph average walking pace.

Using my mph example and following my formula, but replacing it with your own individual data from your activity results, you can find your average walking pace in miles per hour by simply walking and timing yourself for 100 ft.

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Reference: Exercise Physiology - Energy, Nutrition, and Human Performance by William D. McArdle, Frank I. Katch, and Victor L. Katch ISBN 0-81210991-0 pages 147-188

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