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Comedy Juggling Show

Professional Entertainment

For All Occasions
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Gravity & Levity

Joe the Juggler's performance is a theatrical experience fusing a fast-paced, cohesive comic routine with outstanding technical juggling skills.

Joe the Juggler has been performing professionally in the St. Louis area since 1985.

Amazing Feats of Skill & Talent

Be Amazed

as he juggles, spins, balances or otherwise manipulates such diverse objects as:
* Balls* Bowling Ball/Feather
* Fat Bats * Flaming Torches
* Devil Sticks* Cigar Boxes
* Balloons* Fencing Foil/Plate
* Folding Chairs* Clubs
* Razor Sharp Machetes of Death (oooooh!)
* And Much More!!!!

Ridiculous Feats of Absurdity & Nonsense

Be Amused

as he bashes himself over the head while playing the harmonica and juggling and thinking of something else altogether.

* Lots of Schtick
* A Pun for Every Prop
* Story-telling with Juggling
* Fun with Audience Participation
* Vast Repertoire of Jokes & Ad-Libs

Material appropriate for all types of audiences

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Fun For All

The Presentation is a high-energy, fast-paced show sure to hold the rapt attention of all ages.

Performances can range from as little as ten minutes up to one hour. (Optimal length of a stage show is about 45 minutes).

Strolling or Street Performing by the hour. (Significant "volume" discounts for bookings over 2 hours.)

Specialty Costumes and assorted characters (including: Fire-Eating Devil, French Street Performer, Hawaiian Luau, Court Jester, formal tuxedo, and many more) to suit any occasion.



"Joe's routine involves comic patter as well as dexterity, and he was a delight."

Joe Pollack, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"A fiery performance!"
Maryland Heights Journal

"Joe gives a thousand percent-every time-and there have been lots of times! We always get a great response from our clients after Joe's performances!"
Patsy Hall, Director of Marketing
Dick Hall Productions, Inc.

"Joe the Juggler is technically skilled and a great entertainer. His show is high energy and loaded with laughs. I rate it a must see for everyone."
Thomas Thale, President and CEO
City Mime Productions

"This man is fantastic!"
Robin Boyce, KETC Channel 9

"The wonderful thing about Joe the Juggler is that his combination of top juggling skills and witty verbal comedy makes him a great entertainer for a wide range of ages."
Jessica Hentoff, artistic director,

"This act is really terrific! I ought to know-I've seen it before!"
Joe the Juggler, comic juggler

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Joe is also an active member of the Missouri Zen Center.

You can send e-mail to Joe the Juggler.

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